Village of Roslyn Estates

Long Island, New York

Building Department - Permit

Before you begin any alterations on your home, be sure to call the Village Office to determine requirements.

Roslyn Estates Building Permit Application (see link below or "forms" section)

Architectural Review Board - Rules and Regulations

Permits issued by the Building Department are required for any construction, alteration, addition, or demolition of a home, and for other actions, including, but not limited to, the following:

Provisions for off-street parking
Construction of accessory structures, including tennis courts, sheds, swing sets, patios, decks, terraces, etc.
Installation of cesspools, sewer connections, or other
provisions for the disposal of sewage
Tree removal
Installation of sprinkler systems
Cutting of street curbs or other access to streets
Restoration of damaged buildings
Subdivision of property
Use of residential property for professional or business purposes
Installation of central air conditioning
Construction of swimming pools
Removal or demolition of unsafe buildings
Non-conforming uses; continuation, expansion and 
termination thereof
Excavation, removal, relocation or depositing of earth or other material in excess of certain limits
Installation of fences
Landscaped constructs
Retaining walls

Driveway improvements