Village of Roslyn Estates

Long Island, New York

Roslyn Estates Frequently Asked Questions


 Do I have to use a leash to walk my dog?

Yes, dogs must be leashed at all times when off their owner's property. Village law requires that you clean up after your dog.

 Do we have a local Police Department?

Police protection and emergency ambulance service are provided by the 3rd Precinct of the Nassau County Police Department. The Third Precinct is located at 214 Hillside Avenue, Williston Park. The telephone number, other than the emergency 911, is 573-6300.

 Do we have a Village Association?

The Association of Roslyn Estates was incorporated in 1911. It is the oldest existing residents’ civic association in Nassau County. The original sales office of Roslyn Estates, Inc., located at the intersection of Intervale and Warner Avenue, was given by the developers to the Association for use as a meeting and polling place. The Association later leased this quaint building as a tea room and restaurant. Over the years, it has had many different tenants. In 2005, it became “Colbeh.”

 If I have an emergency who do I contact?

If you see anything suspicious always contact 911 first.

Nassau County Police - Emergency:  911
3rd Precinct - Station: 573-6300 
Fire - 911 or 742-3300
Refuse & Recycling (Meadow Carting) - 338-0121
Roslyn Water District -621-7770
LIPA (Electric) - 1-800-490-0025
National Grid (Gas) - 1-800-490-0045
Streetlights (Village Office) - 621-3541

 LIPA - Trimming trees/branches new power lines

Property owners please contact LIPA directly if and when you see tree branches and/or limbs that jeopardize or compromise the electric power lines.  LIPA's phone # is 1-800-490-0025

 What's the Village's policy on basic home improvements?

Before you begin any alterations on your home, be sure to call the Village Office at 516-621-3541 to determine requirements

 When do I set out for recycling?

Recycling: newspapers, bottles and cans are picked up next to your home the same time as your kitchen garbage.  Do not bring them to the curb.  Newspapers must be tied with twine or placed in paper (not plastic) bags.  Bottles, cans and plastic may be put together in recycling containers supplied by the Village or those of your choice.